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My birth parents.


My birth parents.

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RIP Elaine Stritch


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Each of Roth’s ink paintings are named after the task they’re depicting, from an entire wall of levels from Angry Birds to Twitter and e-mail check-ins. By turning mundane procedures we make on a day to day basis on our phones and tablets into textural studies, Roth blurs the line between the corporeal and the digital.

Evan Roth’s Ink Fingerprint Paintings Track Touchscreen Routines


Series of paintings discovered in an abandon mental asylum in Italy.

george michaels too funky video turned 22 yesterday. and is as timeless and innovative as it was pivotal to defining the 90’s.directed by David Fincher featuring Lypsyncha, Joey Arias, Julie Newmar, Beverley Peele, Tyra Banks, Nadja Auermann, Linda Evangelista. and more wearing the fashions of the legendary Thierry Mugler.


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Samira Wiley and Matt McGorry from Orange Is The New Black recreate Matthew McConaughey movie covers.


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